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Martha Leatherwood
Wee School Director

In Martha Leatherwood's words --
                 I was saved at age  11.  Fortunately, I had the help of God’s spirit in directing my life.  I have always had a great passion for children.  I know this was a calling from God on my life.  From age 18 I have either taught children in Sunday School, VBS or children’s choir.  As Mt. Calvary began to make plans for a preschool, I served on the committee to find a Director.   My professional background was Human Resources.  After months of searching, God began speaking to members of Mt. Calvary suggesting that I direct.  In the beginning, I immediately responded that it was not possible.  BUT THEN God began speaking to me.  In my adult life I have not known such an overwhelming presence or direction from God.  The school opened in 1997.  God has tremendously blessed the WEE School.  God’s presence is felt at the WEE School by all that enter.  Our first task each day is to pray over our school, its teachers and the needs of our children and their parents.