Mt. Calvary Baptist Church

Student Ministries


Sunday Morning - 9:30 am



  Jesus Christ wants us to “go and make disciples”…. all over Cobb and Paulding Counties.  We need to set this place on fire for Jesus!  The youth ministry is a ministry of the church, an extension of the body of Christ.  Teenagers who are believers are not “junior” Christians.  Young people serve God throughout the Bible: David was about 14 when he slew Goliath; Jeremiah was about 16 when God called him to preach; and Timothy was about 18 when he went with Paul on their missionary journey.   You have your testimony and the talents and gifts God gave you to serve Him and serve others. 


So, how are we going to make an impact?  By Reaching the Lost and Bringing them A-cross.  We minister to the hungry by supporting the Storehouse Food Pantry.  We minister to children and teenagers at Calvary Children's Home.  We serve God and our community with local mission projects. 


The time is now to be obedient to what Jesus told us to do.  Come check us out.  We're doing what Jesus told us to do: “Go and make disciples…” And we have some fun while we're at  it. :-)